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The Tennis Foundation (TTF)


Get children and teenagers involved in the sport of tennis and to promote tennis throughout South Africa and across the continent. A healthy lifestyle is therefore promoted and life skills can be obtained through the enjoyment of learning and playing tennis.


Empowering the Disabled
We believe sports should be enjoyed by everybody who wishes to do so, including people with disability. Wheelchair tennis popularity is growing worldwide and in South Africa too, The Tennis Foundation will be involved and committed to teach and introduce wheelchair tennis to those who have disabilities in their lower bodies.


To begin with, we put our focus on nearby areas – Sunnyside and Arcadia. We work with primary schools in these areas, customize our tennis programs to children and teenagers of different backgrounds at no cost. In return, we ask for donation, students can contribute at any amount they can afford. Donation collected will be used to subsidize teaching material, equipment and volunteers’ travel expenses.


Putting our Faith in Action
Actions speak louder than words! Pictures below show students’ enthusiasm in learning tennis and our voluntary coaching staff’s involvement in growing the Tennis Foundation: