Our philosophy is to address each player’s needs on an individual basis and to develop each player’s game based on analysis of his or her own strength. If you are an accomplished player, our renowned Advanced Training System and Progressive Training System (PTS) programs provide more intensive training and match play to develop the technical, physical and mental skills needed for tournament competition. In our “challenge” through “future stars” program, the focus is on skills, and refinement practice and match play with the ultimate goal of developing consistent well rounded players.

Each player is taught through individual or semi-individual attention, and repetition in an enjoyable yet challenging atmosphere. You will receive on court instruction, training, and match play each day. We’ll work on stretching exercises, drills for stroke and footwork development and different approaches to technique and strategy. You’ll also play competitive matches where you get to put your skills into action.

From the first day in the Academy you’ll learn day in and day out through your tennis partaking as our professional coaches’ work with you on aspects of your game.